The competitive environment forces the sector to strengthen the collaborative links between professional firms and therefore guide our strategy to competitiveness and efficiency, not only technical but in the relationship with our customers and therefore in their continued satisfaction. For this reason from iusTime we want to identify offices with the same professional concerns to join our project.

Competitive advantages

From our network we want to develop competitive advantages in the following:
Positioning in the market as a benchmark nationally and internationally for companies seeking a professional firm of proximity, but with a global vision.
Innovation in services, developing new models of service based on technology, models of relationship with the client, as well as others linked to technical and sectorial specialization.
Development of strategic alliances. Our size as a network of offices represents a pole of attraction for service, training and technology companies that consider it relevant to establish agreements of interest for iusTime and for their offices, not only at a national level but also in a multinational environment.
Digital transformation. We are in a process of profound change for the sector in which the digital transformation and adaptation of people to this evolution is a challenge that we want to lead from iusTime.
Knowledge and people. The assets of any organization are the professionals that compose it. In this sense, iusTime wants to be a reference in technical knowledge, in the evolution of professionals towards new market challenges and above all in the relationship with the customer as a way of loyalty and joint growth.

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Services and synergies iusTime

Below we share some of our integrated services for our network offices and that provide advantages for the professionals that compose it.
  • Our intranet represents a common Virtual Work Center to all consultancies.
  • Common legal research services for all partners.
  • Professional library with electronic books for daily work.
  • Tools and practical utilities for the client and the office.
  • Knowledge management between offices.
  • Work and Fiscal S.O.S among professionals of the group. Technical-legal assistance service.
  • Access to fiscal news, labor and accounting areas, of national scope and autonomous communities.
  • R + D + I in the development of common studies that provide cost savings for the entire group.
  • Obtaining competitive prices: IP telephony, mass SMS sending to customers, etc.
  • Development of a global corporate image.
  • Access to the best practices of the group, to streamline the transfer of information and knowledge, sharing it with all group members.
  • Membership in communication circles of companies in the sector whose clients are large companies.
  • Preferential treatment by collaborative societies with the firm and its clients.
  • Dynamic incorporation of new technologies.
  • Design and provision of the best professional performance processes manual.

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