Tax Area

The existence of more than 91 offices allows us to guarantee and contrast any tax issue related to tax management, tax inquiries and requirements for the tax administration. This allows us to provide our clients with a preventive counseling model that covers:

  • Tax management of all quarterly and annual tax obligations (VAT, IRPF and partnerships)
  • Representation to the tax administration for requirements.
  • Specific advice on specific operations linked to the activity of the company.
  • Tax planning before different scenarios required by the company.
  • Defense before the administrative economic courts within the legal juridical scope.

Accounting Area

In iusTime we understand Accounting Management as an activity that must be developed with maximum optimization and efficiency. For them we use solutions and techniques that allow time saving and therefore an optimization of costs for our clients. In the accounting field we provide services in the following points:

  • Accounting management of your company.
  • Delivery of economic and financial reports linked to this management.
  • Presentation of official books for legalization.
  • Preparation and design of the chart of accounts to adapt to the needs of the client.
  • Presentation and preparation of the annual accounts of the company in the commercial register.
  • Adaptation of its accounting to cost systems for the internal analysis of profitability.
  • Support and preparation of budgets adapted to the general accounting plan.

Work Area

The economic management of the personnel has become a priority for the companies and from iusTime we know the importance not only in the economic part but also of the fulfilment of the work legality. The experience in the management of more than 15,000 monthly payrolls throughout the network provides our clients with the guarantee and solvency of our services that we detail below:

  • Work and payroll management.
  • Preparation of personnel contracts with annexes and clauses adapted to the company.
  • Management with the administration of both the social security and with the tax agency in the presentation of periodic declarations.
  • Advice on consultations related to dismissals, compensation and work disputes.
  • Advice on Collective Agreements applicable to companies.
  • Collective bargaining and legal representation of the company.
  • Work audit prior to contracting the service or later to verify the correct situation of the entire work model.

Legal area

The legal area of the iusTime network has specialized lawyers in different areas of practice of the company. One of the strategic objectives of our firm is to be the reference for our clients before any legal need. We want to be the companion of the company and collaborator before any professional concern that the company wishes to face. Some of our services are:

  • Commercial and corporate law. From the establishment of the corresponding charges to the administrator to any change related to the legal situation of the company.
  • Contracts. The company has to face contracts linked to its commercial or corporate activity with third parties.
  • If you want legal representation for the different administration councils.
  • Corporate transactions of purchases and sales.
  • Real estate transactions of purchase, sale and lease of real estate.

Financial Area and Management Control

The economic environment and the financing needs of the company require more and more of a greater control of the current and Social Security results. Likewise, being aware of the need for growth of companies, we advise on financing needs to be able to face investments. We detail below our main services.

  • Management of annual budget of the company associated with accounting.
  • Management control through the incorporation of activity monitoring indicators.
  • Preparation of economic-financial reports for presentation to financial entities.
  • Control of Cash-Flow.
  • Analysis of investments and their viability.

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